Project Havoc

A larp in progress.

Project Havoc: A larp in progress...
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Live Action Role Playing
This community is for the discussion of a potentially budding Live Action Roleplaying Game.

What I'm looking for:
I'm looking for general review, criticism, comments and suggestions regarding the game I am designing. I'll generally be posting things about the game world, mechanics and design, and looking for people to bounce those ideas off of. I am hoping for constructive criticism, and occasionally any productive suggestions community members may have.

Rules on social decorum:
Please be helpful with suggestions. You're even allowed to say you don't like something just because. But you're not allowed to call something stupid, or anyone else stupid. Please avoid insulting people. Everyone's trying to be helpful and thoughtful here, and most of us are friends. Even if you're not, just be civil.

I really don't expect this to be an issue. If it is, I will administer spankings.

Taking ideas from other places:
Game design is an intellectually incestuous world. I'm not specifically looking to rip off anyone else's game. However, there are some ideas that are so general and good that it can't be avoided. I won't bend over backwards to make something seem different from how someone else does it if it's not a copyright violation. At the same time, don't just blatantly steal an idea from someone else. Originality is good, and on top of that, I'm hoping to put together some things that are more fit specifically to this game and it's setting.

*More as I think it's important.